Personal Chef Services

We take the work out of eating well and hosting marvellous parties!

Your personal chef will work with you to plan your menu, then shop, cook and clean up afterwards. We provide delectable dishes to you, your family and guests using only the finest organic* ingredients freeing you to tend to your other priorities.

Your personal chef arrives at your door with the groceries required for the recipes you have chosen from our menu. Once your chef has finished filling the house with tempting aromas, the food you ordered is packaged, labeled and refrigerated or frozen to your specifications, and ready to go whenever you are. Simply slip a pre-made dish into the oven to bake or re-heat, et voila!

Let’s Get Started!

Select one of our service packages, or have us create a custom package for you. We offer a free telephone assessment, followed by an in-home consultation, during which your personal chef will meet with your family, take note of any food preferences, allergies or dietary requirements you may have, and assess your kitchen appliances, cookware and facilities.

*We strive to always use organic and/or local ingredients depending on the season.
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