TC 10K

The Times Colonist (TC) 10K is coming up on April 26th. You can register here.

A little over two years ago I decided on a whim to register for the TC 10K. I wasn’t in particulary good or bad shape. But I had never been a runner and hadn’t run more than about 100 metres. At the time I had no idea what effect that decision would have on the rest of my life (up to this point anyway).

I joined a 10K clinic at the Running Room and started running, sloowwly. To my surpirse I soon discovered that I quite enjoyed running. After 12-weeks of training, the day finally came, and I ran my first 10K. Crossing the finish line I thought I was going to throw-up, but I felt great. I did it!

I ran a couple more 5K and 8K races that year. I had caught the bug. The following year my husband joined me for the TC 10K. And we ran the 1.5K with our daughter.

This year is going to be a family affair. Me, my husband and our 8-year old daughter are all registered for the TC 10K. And we’ll be pushing our 4-year old in the jogging stroller. We are also going to attempt to broadcast the entire run live to the Internet via our mobile phone at Tune in on race day to see it live.

In addition to enjoying my new passion for running, I am very fortunate to have the ability to integrate my passion with my business. Victoria Concierge has put together a package to help runners of all types enjoy their passion by leaving the details to us. Choose from a numer of pre-set packages including; race registration, transportation, accomodations, meals and side events. Or contact us and we’ll develop a custom package designed to suit your needs.

If you’d like to come to Victoria to join the TC 10K or any one of a host of races, contact us and we’ll take care of all the details so you can focus on enjoying the race.

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