Staycation Tips that are Sure to Refresh

A staycation, according to The New York Times, is “a neologism used by those who prefer to unravel the mysteries of the world from the comfort of their living room couches.”
We define it as a smart way to spend a week (or more) with your family while saving a little cash, recharing the batteries and finding some peace.

Whether you choose a staycation in order to save a little money, avoid airports, or because it’s the meme du jour, Victoria Concierge can help you plan a staycation that’s worth writing home about.

Here are a few tips to help plan your next staycation:

1. Don’t turn it into a reason to ‘get stuff done’
This is your vacation, a chance to relax, unwind & take-it-easy!? Don’t you dare start organizing the garage, cleaning out the eves troughs or washing the patio. That’s what we’re for. Call in a professional concierge to pamper you and your family, and do those chores so at the end of your week off, your home is clean and organized, and you are refreshed and happy!

2. Set a date
Choose a start and end date for your staycation — otherwise, it could turn into another string of nights in from of the TV. So mark your calendar, and set a specific day when you (and your family) can officially start your staycation.

3. Set your staycation budget
Chances are, one reason for planning a staycation in the current economic environment is to save a little money. If that’s the case, we have some good news for you: Victoria Concierge has staycation packages starting from $200 that will leave you with wonderful memories and cash to spare.

4. Personal Chef
Men, want to gain some mega brownie points with your wife, girlfreind or fiance? Have our personal chef come in and prepare a quiet, romantic, scrumptious dinner-for-two. We’ve had clients bring is in to prepare and set everything up as a surpirse. You enjoy a wonderful meal together and then we clean up while you enjoy a glass of wine. She’ll remember this night for a long time to come.
Not your cup-of-tea; our personal chef can also prepare meals for the week for the whole family so all you have to do is slide it in the oven, leaving you with more time to enjoy your staycation.
5. Stock up on games for couples or the family to play
Add a sense of play to your staycation with a few enjoyable games. Victoria Concierge will bring them in and then take them back when your staycation is over.
6. Movie night in Kathmandu
There’s nothing like curling up together on the sofa to watch great movies. We’ll bring in whatever you have on your list along with the Haagendaz or popcorn.
7. Staycation pics
Your first staycation deserves a place in the photo album as well. We’ll help you digitally record all the hot spots you’ll hit like: the couch, the kitchen, the BBQ and the backyard!

8. Read the book you’ve been meaning to since…
No need to wait till summer vacation to tackle War & Peace any more. Staycation means you have the luxury of time to sit back, relax, and chill in the hammock with a great read. Just send us your list and we’ll deliver them all to your door, along with a carafe of piping hot, dark roast coffee.

9. Tourist in your home town
Victorians have enough options to keep them busy for a 2 week staycation. From the well-known spots like Butchart Gardens and Fort Rodd Hill, to the lesser known but equally enjoyable Bug Zoo, Miniature World and the plethora of beatiful parks, lakes and beaches.

What would you like to do on your staycation? Please leave a comment.

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