Good Things about Victoria – Fisherman’s Wharf

We went exploring recently – always a fun and interesting thing to do. We ended up down at fisherman’s wharf.

As we were getting out of the car the scent of deep fried haddock wafted over the bridge and suddenly we all got very hungry.

After a short wait in line we got our pager (yeah it was that busy) and took the opportunity to tour the neighborhood houseboats. Some pretty interesting and well-decorated houses floating around down there. This one is the home of Fortune Teller Bella Sera.

The pager paged and back to Barb’s Place we scurried to get our four 1-piece dinners; 1 piece of haddock, fries and coleslaw. We huddled into a warm corner of the tent out of the wind and tucked into our dinners. The batter was just light enough to keep the fish fresh and warm – not thick as an orange peel like you get at some places. Even the coleslaw was good which was completely unexpected. N ate all his coleslaw first. I?ve never known a kid that likes salad (any kind of salad) as much as he does. Hence all the lettuce we planted.

In our travels around the houseboat community we came across this, neatly pasted to the inside of a houseboat window. The owner thought it important enough to use their tourist attraction to share this message, so I feel obliged to do what I can to help spread it.

It’s called “A Village of 100 People”. I don?t know how accurate it is but it was just one more in a day of reminders, of how blessed and fortunate we all are. So I think I?ll have a good sleep, wake up tomorrow and do what I can to pay it back/forward/onward.

There are many good things about Victoria BC. We seem to discover a new one every week.

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