A Day in the Life

One of the things I like most about the Concierge business is the variety. Never a dull moment as no client or project is ever alike. We have met so many interesting – and wonderful – people and have been tasked with many different and challenging requests.

Here are a few random assignments we’ve had over the last year:

  • Helped a client from Wisconsin keep with some custom furniture he was having made here in Victoria. Researched options for him to pay for the goods (at one point that involved handling $20K in cash which we don’t do – don’t ask) and have them delivered to Wisconsin.
  • Provided relocation services to a couple moving here from Ottawa. We helped them find a home to lease for the two-years they planned to be here. We created a detailed report and a Google Map of restaurants, cafes, Doctors, Dentists, kick-boxing studios, doggy day care, pet grooming, recycling schedule
  • Provided a variety of services for a couple from Missouri that was getting married in Victoria including; hosting and managing arrangements for their wedding party of 40 over a one-week period.? Some of the more enjoyable tasks were hosting the guests on a tour of Butchart Gardens complete with a picnic on the rose garden lawn, hosting a whale watching tour and finally a hike along the bluffs of Dallas road. We hosted the party at Spencer Castle for a week providing daily maid services and catering.
  • Arranged a secret ‘engagement weekend’ in Vancouver for a young gentleman planning to propose to his fiance to be. This involved hotel bookings, dinner reservations with added touches (special table settings), a romantic evening cruise on Coal Harbour. Waiting in the hotel room on their return was a room covered in fresh rose petals with candlelight and champagne. The interesting thing about this assignment is that it was all done online – we never actually met the couple.
  • Numerous Personal Assistant tasks including; generating real estate sales reports for certain parts of the province, car detailing and oil changes, and purchasing birthday gifts.
  • And recently we’ve had lots of corporate concierge assignments including things like; acquiring and delivering Christmas gifts for clients, getting testimonials, travel bookings, event management and at the moment we’re planning a golf tournament.

We look forward to serving you – whatever your particular challenge may be (within legal and ethical boundaries of course).

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